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Welcome to privacy policy page. We have created some Terms & Conditions for best user experience. While using Online Smart Dream you should follow our privacy policy. If you don't follow our rules we will block your IP.

Our privacy policies are given below. Please read them carefully.

Keep in mind that we have the full right to change our privacy policy. We will notify you of any changes by posting the new Privacy Policy on the Site.
Privacy Policy Last Update - 13 May 2018

Comment Posting Policies -

  • Please Do not use hate speech in comment.
  • Don't try to promot yourself using comment box.
  • Please try to avoid from posting spam comment because we will not approve them.

Third party link -

Yes, we use third party link in our blog post. whenever you click on third party link it will redirect you to other website. It is your own responsibility to keep your data safe while visiting third party link.

Contact Us - 

If you have any type of doubt about Online Smart Dream please Contact Us.


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